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Protect Folder 3.4

It protects your files, folders and removable drives with secure password
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Everstrike Software

Protect Folder is a very neat application developed by Everstrike to protect your private data from intrusion or attacks. Although Everstrike has many tools that perform a variety of tasks, this one in particular focuses mainly in two - create secure, encrypted, password-protected folders, and encrypt and password-protect USB drives. However, it is not the number of things it does, but the way it does them that makes this program so likeable. As an example, the menu is very user-friendly - every time you run the program, a guide for starters will pop up, so they will be able to start protecting their data right away.

The best thing about this tool is that it will perform these two tasks in the simplest way possible. To create a folder, you just need to simply click the first button of the six you will find in the tool bar, and it will immediately open a wizard which will ask you for the desired folder's name, the location where want it, and the password. And that is it - you will have your folder secured in no time. If you have an application that uses that folder, simply unlock it before running the application, and you will be able to use it as a regular folder. The USB drive protection is just as easy. It also has a very useful button assigned to it at the top right corner.

Called "AlarmLock!", this button will automatically and immediately lock down all folders and all the USB drives connected (which you previously set up to protect) - the perfect utility, if you need to leave in a rush. The trial version is not crippled in any way, but it will last only for 15 days.

Pablo Saavedra
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  • Incredibly easy to use
  • Solid security for data


  • It is a bit expensive
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